Rimon Project

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Rimon Project
The first Lombard network dedicated to Jewish culture

The Rimon project develops a Lombard system of Jewish culture, with the aim of enhancing the heritage of Jewish values ​​and assets in Lombardy. Promoter of the initiative is the Jewish Community of Milan which, together with a public and private partnership, aims to promote the cultural richness of Judaism as an opportunity for socio-economic development of the places and the realities connected to it. A large portion of Lombardy territory (Milan, the provinces of Cremona, Mantua and Brescia) is involved in the initiative to ensure that the cultural resources of Judaism (intangible as cultural or tangible values ​​such as architectural assets) become accessible to the general public.

The project is divided into numerous activities:

- recovery of some structures of Lombard Judaism;

- development of information services, training, promotion and tourism products;

- creation of moments of confrontation between figures at different territorial levels;

- development of commercial opportunities for food and wine, ("kasher" products);

- creation of forms of collaboration for the promotion of Jewish culture.

The project, through these activities means:

- enhancing and increasing the places of Lombard Judaism;

- activating and improving services related to Jewish cultural identity;

- promoting the organization of a Lombard network of Jewish culture.

The project received funding from the Fondazione Cariplo. Indeed, the project responds to one of the objectives of cultural projects funded by the Fondazione: "the creation and strengthening of integrated cultural systems, capable of triggering local economic development processes, starting from the valorization and networking of a region's cultural heritage ".